Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal Garden opens in Roundhay Park Leeds - Tuesday 17th May 2011.
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The garden which won a historic first-ever gold medal for the city of Leeds at the Chelsea Flower Show is to be permanently installed in Roundhay Park.

Chelsea Gold Medal Winning Garden - Gardens of the World, Roundhay Park Leeds
Chelsea Gold Medal Winning Garden - Gardens of the World, Roundhay Park Leeds
Leeds City Council have announced the opening of The HESCO Garden 2010 and its predecessor The HESCO Garden from 2009 in the ‘Gardens of the World’ section of Roundhay Park.

You can take a 360 degree virtual tour of the award winning speciality gardens at Roundhay Park by clicking here...

The gardens are expected to be both in position for the public to visit for free from mid-May, alongside Leeds City Council’s 2008 Chelsea garden ‘The Largest Room in the House’ which is already part of the ‘Gardens of the World’ located off Mansion Lane.

Produced by the council’s parks and countryside service supported and sponsored by Leeds-based world-leading manufacturers of products used in civil engineering HESCO Bastion Limited, both gardens proved big hits at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show.

The HESCO Garden from 2009, designed around the theme of retaining rainwater and reducing the effect of flash floods, matched Leeds City Council’s best-ever result at Chelsea by winning a Silver Gilt Flora award.

This was improved on 12 months later as the team made history three times over with the stunning HESCO Garden 2010, which drew gasps of admiration from all who saw its amazing 12-feet high central lock gates and mock canal.

The garden not only earned the team a first-ever gold medal at Chelsea, the success also represented the first time in the history of the prestigious event which dates back to 1862 that a local authority had won gold in the elite large outdoor show garden category, while the central lock gates were another first for Chelsea.

The installation of the gardens will be tinged with sadness however following the tragic death of HESCO Bastion owner Jimi Heselden OBE late last year.

Chelsea Gold Medal

Leeds City Council executive member for Leisure Councillor Adam Ogilvie said:

“We are thrilled these gardens will soon be in their permanent home at Roundhay Park for everyone to be able to see. The gold-medal winning garden from 2010 is sure to prove a massive hit – everyone who saw it at Chelsea was mesmerised by it and it really did steal the show. It is a phenomenal piece of engineering and design and we are so pleased everyone in Leeds will now get the chance to see it for themselves.

“We also have a feeling of sadness however as the city and everyone in the team continues to come to terms with the tragic loss of Jimi Heselden. We hope that showing off the gardens he helped create will help provide a lasting legacy to his memory as thousands of people will get to enjoy them for years to come.”

HESCO Bastion Limited said:

“Jimi worked closely with Leeds City Council on the design, development and funding for the award-winning 2009 and 2010 RHS Chelsea Flower show garden entries. The ‘Gardens of the World’ which showcase the previous HESCO Garden winners will be a wonderful and fitting tribute to him.”

Source: Leeds City Council. © Expires 09 06 2011

Latest update: Thursday, May 19, 2011