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Roundhay Park new childrens play area - Latest News.

Thursday 16th August 2012 - NEW PLAYGROUND OPENS!! The grand opening of new playground is to take place on Thursday 16th August. (But the fences have already been removed so that children can try it before the opening...)

2012 - June - Childrens Play Area NEWS: Construction is now under way for the new play area...

Childrens Playground, roundhay park leeds

Work is under way as you can see above, and the childrens play area is starting to take shape - and the 'multiplay unit' is already in place ( I am sure the kids will come up with a better name for the crazy house...)


Video: take a look at the new playground construction from the air!:

The proposed location of the play area raised a great deal of interest locally, with park users, the Friends of the Park, local councillors and Roundhay residents all having opinions when it was discovered the original plans would have meant the loss of the walled 'Rose Garden' alongside Tropical World, and that there were better alternatives. (You can see plans for the original proposals in the Leeds City Council website - external link)

Plans for the new childrens play area

Plans for the new play area are shown above you can view the original plans on the Leeds City Council website (large .pdf document) here.

play area construction june 2012
Work continues in mid June 2012...

Hundreds of interviews were carried out with visitors to the park, to gauge public opinion, and almost two thirds of under 13's chose a location near to the existing Skate Park, which was also to the choice of over half of all those questioned.

The new play park will be close to the 'Tram Park car park', offering easy access for all, plus new disabled car parking spaces will be allocated. This location is also within very easy access of the Bus Stops by the main park gates. The new playground will be in addition to the play area at the Lakeside, so visitors will now have a choice, and the extra facilities will enhance a visit to the Park.

Map of Roundhay Tram Park and Skatepark location for the new childrens playground:


2011 - January - Childrens Play Area NEWS.
Plans have been outlined to convert the area of the Walled Garden between Tropical World and Canal Gardens into a new childrens play area. A quickly arranged meeting with those locals who were aware of these plans by mid January 2011 was held at the Education Room alongside the Mansion. Feelings were expressed at the lack of notice, lack of public consultation and the speed with which this decision appeared to have been made (there is no requirement for planning permission for these works). It appeared that these plans have accelerated due to 1/3rd of the initial funding no longer being available, and further funding applications and works having to be completed by March.

While all at the meeting were in favour of additional play area facilities within Roundhay Park, it seemed the majority present, and those canvassed locally over the past 2 weeks, felt let down by the lack of public awareness of the proposed work, and that alternative locations, or improvement of the present play area alongside the Lakeside were more popular alternatives, and some of those present offered to start a local action group and look into the possibility of obtaining more funding from the private sector to hopefully achieve a bigger, better more popular solution.

The plans on display at the meeting showed the centre section of the present walled garden area being converted to a play area, with equipment which looked eerily similar to that removed from the previous play area on the banking between the Lakeside Cafe and Barrans Fountain (see historical images of Roundhay Park here - external link).