Roundhay Park and Tropical World Leeds

Access - Disabled facilities at Roundhay Park Leeds

Wheelchairs and 'Scooters' - Roundhay Park

Much of the park is now accessible via tarmac paths with easy gradients, which have been added to since the restoration of the Park completed in the early 2000's with the aid of the Heritage Grant [HLF].

There are RADAR key-accessible toilets at the visitor centre, at Tropical World and in the Lakeside Café.

To book a scooter simply call the Roundhay Park Visitor Services Team in advance of your visit. 0113 2145715.

motability scooter photo

Wheelchairs - Tropical World.

Disabled parking is provided alongside Tropical World/Canal Gardens on Princes Avenue (see the parking map) so access is possible along a continuous footpath, through the arch and then into Tropical World. The Cafe is also accessible by ramps on the right as you enter via the archway.

A wheelchair is available for customers use at Tropical World - simply ask at the desk. To check or reserve in advance call 0113 2370754. There is no charge for hire or rental.

Useful distances if arriving at the Park Gates on a normal service bus, ask to get off at Roundhay Park Gates.

From the Bus Stop closest to Roundhay Park Gates to:
Tropical World - approximately 320 metres, slight gradient uphill on pavement of Yorkshire Stone Flags (or, where stolen - tarmac!)
The Mansion, via the Park Main Gates - approximately 500 metres in total. Tarmac once inside the Park with a gradient uphill for the last 80 metres directly in front of the Mansion building.
Along 'Mansion Lane' by heading up from the Bus Stop towards Tropical World, slight gradient uphill on pavement of Yorkshire Stone Flags (or, where stolen - tarmac!) then along Mansion Lane, which is a road with pavements each side but fairly level taking you to The Mansion car park, and the Mansion Building. Approximately 550 metres in total.

You may also be interested in the Roundhay Park Train which runs (summer weekends and school holidays) from the Park Gates to and from the rear of the Lakeside Cafe.



Take a 360 degree tour of the Park:

Australasia House, Tropical World
Australasia House and Waterfall in Tropical World

Lakeside - Waterloo Lake
Panoramic view of the Lakeside Cafe and Waterloo Lake

Barrans Fountain
Barrans Fountain

Canal Gardens
Canal Gardens