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Roundhay Park Bonfire Night - Car parking - how to get out....

Roundhay Park Fireworks and Bonfire

Roundhay Park Fireworks and Bonfire on the Soldiers Field - 4th November 2011. Video of the event car park with drivers all attempting to leave at exactly the same time, after the final firework!
Roundhay Park Leeds Firework Display, Bonfire Night Event Parking Information.

Once again this year, tens of thousands of people are expected to gather at Roundhay Park to enjoy Leeds’ biggest bonfire and fireworks event.

Some of us are lucky(?) enough to live close by the park, so can walk to the soldiers field to see the fireworks and bonfire.

The event has parking available on the fields, which fills up towards 7.00, 7-30pm but BE WARNED, getting out of the car park can be a chaotic affair, with some drivers attempting to drive through the barrier netting and up the slopes onto Princes Avenue - not a good idea at any time, but particularly when these grassy slopes are damp and covered in leaves, and trying to leave this way means also driving across the footpath where thousands of other visitors are walking to cars parked further away, bus stops, or just making their way home on foot!


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Fireworks Safety and the Law: BE SAFE NOT SORRY ...

Think you know how to use fireworks safely? Get the most out of your fireworks, and stay within the law.
Fireworks Safety Information

Buses to Roundhay Park from Leeds City Centre

Ask driver for the stop at Roundhay Park!!

Roundhay Park is on the 2 and 12 circular bus route. Buses number 12 (Blue Line) take the most direct route via Oakwood. Buses on route number 2 (Red Line) go a longer way via Moortown Corner.

Bus Routes 2, 12 Roundhay Park or Moortown depart from New Market St., New Briggate in Leeds City Centre Daytime every 10 minutes, Sundays & evenings every 20 or 30 minutes.

Extra buses are allocated when there is a major event on in Roundhay park

DISCLAIMER: Note that all events may be subject to change, and we advise you to independently check and confirm any event before travelling! E & OE 2011.

Roundhay Park Map - 5th November Roundhay Park Annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire and Firework Display



The Weather

Thinking of going along to the Bonfire and wonder what the weather is like in Roundhay right now? - check out our live weather webcam.

Roundhay Park map showing the location of the annual Bonfire:

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